How can status symbols used effectively on your production control boards add to the general efficiency of your organization? One needs to remember that man is a visual being. Anything which he sees, he’s going to remember, in the form of “recalling” the image and that is because he has filed away that information in his mind’s eye. That is why the use of status symbols on visual display boards in a really prominent and colorful fashion can make his mind assimilate that knowledge faster than you can blink an eye.

Just imagine that you have a self appointed deadline to produce 120 cars in a day. This is just an example. Your organization has set out these goals. A working team managed to achieve that goal about 3 months ago. Seeing a stylish golden colored target met within time period status symbol right in front of their names on the production board is not only going to be a subconscious incentive for the rest of the teams to try to achieve that status, but also they know that this is possible, because it is a measurable key performance indicator.

Achieving given goals is definitely not very difficult when you know that the expectation is realistic. Trying to produce more than what your resources, – both material and human – are capable of producing, is not a sensible, pragmatic, reasonable, rational or practical option. However, once you know that goal has been achieved, and that can be seen in the status symbol on your control board, you know that that particular goal is something which is possible and feasible.
In the same manner, having a status symbol which is going to tell you all about the stage of production and its status is another way in which your employees can get to know about whether your project is going well within schedule or something important has come up, which is holding up production. This symbol in red can immediately tell everyone that something has gone wrong somewhere. If that same status symbol is in green, it means everything is moving smoothly. In the same manner, if any status state is displayed in amber, the mind is immediately going to assimilate the fact that there was a problem, it is being solved, and production is soon going to start in that particular area.

That is why having up-to-date status symbols on your control boards can give your people proper information about the stages of production, the performance status, the smooth running operational status, availability of materials necessary for the next stage of production, availability of necessary technology and skilful human resources, both white-collar and blue-collar to help in bringing your project to a successful conclusion.

Numbers, charts, graphics, and other ways of imparting data to your employees are some ways in which information can be disseminated within the ranks and files of the organization. However, it is going to take a few seconds for your people standing in front of the production board to read the information, and analyze it. On the other hand, if they see a green status symbol at the end of a line with numbers written in different columns, the mind already has accepted the fact that everything is going smoothly. The moment they notice a red symbol, they are going to look at the information and wonder about what went wrong, how that problem needs to be tackled and other reasons which are preventing them from achieving their goal in a proper and systematic manner.

So these are just some of the ways in which using status symbol can make your control boards more effective, in the long run.

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