There are definitely no hard and fast rules upon what you can display on your production control board. However, these visual tools to encourage efficiency within your organization and to give your employees an up-to-date informational account on what is going on where, and how, need a bit of organizing in themselves. That is because the information that you are going to display on your board is going to depend upon your enterprise and what is the product or service in which it deals.

So some of the information or data which you need to display on your production control board is the immediate status of a project. Apart from the numerical data and the chance, showing its status according to schedule, the Green colored status showing that everything is going well, the red status showing that it has hit a bump somewhere and the amber color showing clearly that all the problems are being tackled and being ironed out, are just some of the things which you can display on a production control board.

In the same manner, minute by minute updating of the information on a production floor can tell you all about the units being produced, taking in the view quality control and time management skills utilized in that activity. It is necessary to display information on these boards which is measurable. Just saying “our goal is to increase the popularity of this company,” is definitely not something which you would want to display on this board. Not only is this goal and realistic, because it is not measurable, but how are you going to go about increasing the popularity of the company, which in itself is an elusive, unquantifiable idea?

Therefore make sure that your production control board has information which can be readily understood, analyzed, studied, investigated, evaluated, scrutinized, and then assimilated. All these actions are mental processes which are done by your brain automatically the moment you have some information in front of you. In the same manner, your eyes are looking at color coded symbols, which can tell you the immediate status of a particular project. This is some visual information which you are going to display on your production boards. In the same manner, you are going to be using charts, lines, graphics, scoreboards and other methods of information to pass on data to your employees.

These are just some of the ways and means in which your production control board can be used in an effective, efficient, and systematic manner, to give the right information to your team. You can also use KPIs on this board, which are measurable key performance indicators. Here, your goal is to increase productivity to its maximum. Along with that, you are going to be keeping worker safety in mind.

Your visual display boards can also show status symbols and signs related to production activities. Digitalized numerical values coming up as information is being updated in computers, can be done in these fields – delivery schedules, cost, availability of resources, quality, number of units produced and of course safety measures. The intervals in which this information is going to be updated, depends on the data and the field or area to which it is related.
So now that you know what to display on your production control board, add to the efficient running as well as the effective communication within your company by using them to the optimum for data display and information dissemination.

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